A Letter of Sympathy for VMP

Poor VMP.

Despite its tremendous wealth and extremely strong ties to DC’s political and media establishments, it’s stuck with the unenviable job of touting a plan that nearly everyone — including VMP! — is ashamed of.  Time and time again, VMP rolls out the same deceptive photograph of the green space in its plan (the one aspect of its plan we sort of like!) while hiding the other 75% — namely the mausoleum-inspired office buildings and dense suburban town homes.  Of course, VMP makes no mention of the nearly total destruction of the underground cells and obliteration of any sense of the sand filtration plant’s history, and we understand why they leave those details out.

Click here to see the single VMP image and media campaign you’ve seen over and over again ad nauseum:  http://bit.ly/15bE7Ol

And here are the office building designs that VMP continues to hide: 

VMP Mausoleum

Looking at the Soviet-era architecture, is it any wonder VMP only shows the renderings of the park?  And do they really expect us to trust them regarding traffic, flooding, jobs, affordable housing, historic preservation and a host of other issues when they refuse to be honest about the buildings they themselves designed?

You can’t help but feel almost sorry for VMP’s herculean task of having to make their plan palatable to a savvy public.  Unfortunately for VMP, Washingtonians are much smarter than VMP thinks and can see the pig clearly through the lipstick VMP keeps smearing on it.

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