The Buildings VMP and the CSG Don’t Want You To See

Vision McMillan Partners (VMP) has been working overtime to put out glossy and deceptive images that attempt to portray its poor and destructive plan in a favorable light.  It has also employed organizations with which it has strong ties, such as the developer-supported and ironically-named Coalition for Smarter Growth (CSG), to try to convince DC residents that high-density (not to mention ugly) development with no corresponding increase in transportation infrastructure in an area lacking a metro stop and served only by three streets is, well, “smarter growth.”

Not surprisingly, the roadshows of VMP and the CSG leave out the photo below, which shows VMP’s proposed residential/grocery/retail complex and comes directly from its Concept Submission to the Historic Preservation Review Board.  This hideous and hulking monstrosity, which resembles a cross between a mausoleum and a Soviet apartment block circa 1978, will take up nearly 1/3 of the site on the northern end of the park.  Both VMP and the CSG boast that the VMP plan is a fine example of quality architecture and historic preservation even though both groups do everything they can to sweep much of it under the rug.  “Look over here, folks, and ignore the man behind the curtain!”

Fortunately, Washingtonians are smarter than VMP and the CSG think and continue to demand better for a city treasure, valuable public space, and site on the National Register of Historic Places.


VMP Mausoleum

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