Developer Releases Detailed Plan That Would Destroy Historic Park

Good luck trying to find these images on the internet.

They are Vision McMillian Partners (VMP) drawings of their plan to erect commercial and residential buildings that would destroy most of our historic Olmsted park.  Once you’ve seen their plans, you will understand why VMP has gone to such great lengths to avoid highlighting them, choosing instead to spotlight illustrations that make the green space look enormous, the historic structures protected, and the commercial buildings appropriate in scale.  In fact, in most of the illustrations, VMP makes the green space look almost comically huge — like New York’s Central Park from the air — while the commercial buildings planned for Michigan Avenue fade into the background, literally disappearing into a white horizon.

Sadly, the reality is far different.

The people of Washington, D.C. deserve an honest discussion of the VMP plan based on its merits — not deceptive advertising and gimmicks.

The following three illustrations show clearly just what VMP hopes you will not notice:

  • Nearly all, if not all, of the beautiful underground vaulted caverns would be destroyed.  In fact, only one small section remains on the northeast corner.
  • Of the little green space that would be preserved, it is far smaller than their wide-angled drawings lead you to believe.
  • The commercial buildings tower over the development, bringing into our neighborhoods a hulking slice of Crystal City or Silver Spring.

VMP 2013 Plan

VMP 2013 Elevations

View from Stronghold across North Capitol Street

The hastily-conceived VMP plan is plain wrong for the development of a park that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and that is intended to serve the needs of the citizens of Washington, D.C. and its visitors.

It is time our leaders got the message.

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The McMillan Park Reservoir Historic District — both its above and below ground structures — is a tremendous asset for our city.  Any plan approved for its development must be appropriate for the restoration and preservation of a historic park.  I strongly urge you to reject the current plan proposed by Vision McMillan Partners.

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