VMP Fake Grassroots Campaign

The DC Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) has funded its development consultant, Vision McMillan Partners (VMP), and a Baltimore-based public relations firm (Fontaine & Co.) to create a fake grassroots movement (“Neighbors of McMillan” / “Create McMillan Park”) in an attempt to discredit and neutralize genuine community opposition to its nightmare plan to destroy and commercially develop historic McMillan Park. Fontaine was also responsible for creating fake community support for Walmart in Baltimore.

The McMillan Park Intelligence Consortium obtained the following strategic planning documents outlining the details of the DMPED-VMP-Fontaine “astroturf” PR plan:

The green campaign signs that read “Create McMillan Park” are the result of this anti-community plan.

Create McMillan Park supports Corruption

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