Send a Letter to City Council: Protect McMillan Park

The Mayor and the members of the City Council need written evidence from our community that developing McMillan Park under the proposed plan stands in direct contrast to what our community wants or needs. Please take a moment to copy and paste the following letter to our elected officials:

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Mr. Mayor and Councilmembers:

I am writing for two reasons:

First, as follow-up to the June 6, 2013 McMillan Park Surplus Meeting, I urge the City Council to reject Mayor Gray’s proposal to surplus and dispose of historic McMillan Park.

Second, I urge you to stop the DMPED/VMP plan to destroy McMillan Park. The height, scale, and designs of the proposed buildings are inappropriate for the historic McMillan Park site and are inconsistent with the overall open space character, sense of place, aesthetics, and historic vistas of this distinctive national landmark Olmsted park. The proposed building designs are also incompatible with the existing historic buildings and with the above- and below-ground historic structures on the site.

Thank you,

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